Lumineers & Porcelain Laminates

Oral Health for Overall Health

Veneers, also known as “dental porcelain laminates,” are wafer-thin shells that bond to teeth. They are permanent, custom-shaped and require the removal of roughly .5 mm of the original tooth to allow space for the new veneer. Lumineers are thinner; roughly the thickness of a contact-lens. The original tooth structure doesn’t require re-shaping for placement and, if desired, veneers can be removed. While Lumineers are suitable for minor cosmetic adjustments, they may not be adequate for major cosmetic makeovers and instant-orthodontic work.

A few Lumineers may be used to extend small teeth, fix a minor chip, or change color. For patients who want to close a wide gap between teeth without using metal braces, traditional veneers provide more flexibility. Basically, a Lumineer is a type of veneer that requires less preparation and little or no removal of the tooth structure.

  • Cover only the visible portions of teeth
  • Repair minor tooth imperfections
  • Straighten and lengthen teeth
  • Conceal stained or discolored fillings
  • Stain proof, natural in appearance and highly resilient